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Problem in Current Market

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    Big Box Gyms Leave You Feeling Disconnected

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    Lack of Results From Other Regimens

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    No Cool, Accessible Group Fitness in San Diego

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    "The Other Guys" Make Weights Intimidating

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    Group Fitness Options in San Diego are Too Expensive

  • Renegade Fitcamp is Different
    Accessible Class Sizes
  • Motivated, Welcoming Members
  • Friendly, Experienced Staff
  • Scalability for all Fitness Levels
  • Real, Measurable Results
  • Affordable Packages

About Method

Renegade is a California Group Fitness Gym that focuses on muscle building and improved overall fitness via weight training and equipment. Unlike other gyms that place a heavy emphasis on cardio and aerobics, Renegade uses proven science to help its members reach their fitness goals quickly and safely.

  • Burnfat

    Most boot camps burn calories in a way that results in muscle loss. We focus less on calorie burn and more on muscle build.

  • Reduce Injury

    Doing Olympic lifting increases your risk for injury. We focus on form and proper tracking to decrease chances of injury.

  • All results

    Looking to gain muscle tone or lose weight? Our workouts can hit any goal or intensity desired. Our coaches give one-on-one time to understand member needs and make sure they are getting the most from their membership.

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